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The Remarkable Growth of the Online Gambling Industry: Surging to 176 Million Users and Generating a Whopping 95 Billion dollars in Revenue by 2023
Over the past decades, the presence of online gambling has expanded significantly. It gained more popularity yearly and became many players' number one leisure activity. CasinosEnLigne says user and revenue numbers have doubled over the past four years. Let's discuss why online casinos have become such prevalent entertainment today.
How Much Have Webmasters Earned Over the Last Year?
Webmasters make money in cooperation with suppliers of goods or services, generating profit from affiliate marketing. Vendors pay for the number of times the ads have been displayed, clicks they have received, or target actions. Besides, you can earn on advertising without a website by buying traffic and redirecting it to your chosen partner program. Both small organizations and large companies may act as advertisers, seeking to expand their reach through intermediaries.
Melbet crowned the Best Online Gaming Operator at the latest EVENTUS Award
Awards and accolades are highly valued in the dynamic field of online gaming. Melbet won the 2023 EVENTUS Award for best online gaming operator, a notable award in the industry. Melbet deserves this recognition because, for the last 10 years, we have consistently provided an exceptional gaming experience. Below is the history of the EVENTUS Award, its objectives, the benefits of entering, and, finally, why Melbet was granted this prestigious award in 2023.
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We have updated the Events Landing Page. It will advertise the most exciting upcoming football matches and odds offered for each team.
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We have added an updated cashback banner!
We have added a new banner: 100% BONUS ON THE 1ST DEPOSIT!